Dear YouTube, Give The BTS BEING BTS Channel Back To The Right Owner!

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Hello everyone,

My name is Yassin Adam, and I am the owner of the YouTube channel BTS BEING BTS.

Here’s a link to the channel:

I created this channel back in 2012, but started posting about BTS in 2016.

Recently, on August 25, 2017, the channel was hacked by someone who I don’t know. I have several screenshots of messages I’ve received and emails I’ve replied to right before the time of the hacking, and I have screenshots saved of when the hacking took place. 

I do have suspicions of what may have lead to the hacking but I do not know for a fact if those are true. 

When I was hacked, I had only a little bit of time before I was logged out to make a post and to try to secure the account. I made a community post warning others that I had been hacked, but I was not successful in trying to secure the account with the 2-Step verification. It had been too late.

I took to twitter to express my feelings and to notify others of the situation. I was able to get ahold of YouTube’s Twitter support team as well. We had a good talk and eventually disabled the channel, and I thought progress was being made, but days later, I had realized they had given access to the hacker again. 

This person has access to all my google accounts linked to the channel. One of the main reasons why I was not able to restore my channel quickly is because I could not restore my email. The hacker unlinked my email from the channel and switched it with their personal email. They then changed many important informations and deleted security questions, and my recovery email in my email account. They really don’t want me to restore the channel. 

They also tried hacking my twitter to keep me quiet and off of the internet. I have proof, and even tweeted out when the situation was going on. And luckily I secured my account then.

This person wants a channel to post on, and took mine. They are impersonating me on my own channel, and are even reuploading other creators contents as me. They are portraying me as a thief. 

There’s nothing much I could do. 

I’ve tried everything I could to save my channel. I’ve called Google and YouTube several times.

I’ve spoken with YouTube’s twitter support team several times as well, but they aren’t really helping as much as I feel they could be. 

Each week with YT’s team it’s like we keep starting over. We were supposed to switch everything to another google account where I could access, but for some reason, I believe they’re sending verification emails over to the hacker’s email, and they just keep restoring. 

They’ve taken my channel and changed the name to iBTS.


Can we all work together to get things back to how they were? 

Even now, I am missing over 50+ videos on my channel.

I love uploading onto my channel and promoting BTS to newer fans. I try my best to promote streaming, and voting as well on my channel, and I even upload Live Stages from time to time, as well as compilations.

I had uploaded the GoGo performance as well with over 100M Views that was recently deleted by this hacker. 

I really would like to get my channel back to promote BTS more. This is the platform I use as well to get rid of my stress, and I truly love seeing the interactions I have with other people when I am uploading, or even making community posts from time to time.

I recently even started sharing charity campaigns for a group I work with called One In An ARMY. Promoting this on my channel helped this project grow, and I would like to continue sharing more campaigns.

I don’t want to lose everything I’ve worked for just because someone else wants what I have for their own personal use. 

Please help me by signing and sharing this petition. 

If & when I am able to regain access to my channel, I will delete this campaign and secure my channel as best as I can.

Thank you. 

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