YouTube Create A Gambling Category That Is Age Gated

YouTube Create A Gambling Category That Is Age Gated

4 May 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by The PNUK

There's an epidemic of fake gamblers posting content on YouTube. 
They promote gambling whilst playing fake/affiliate money. 
These videos are targeted at vulnerable young people in order to get them to sign up and lose money with a casino. 
Which, of course, the creator earns revenue from. 

Ultimately YouTube should ban all Gambling Content. 
As it says it is against their rules to promote gambling, but they do not enforce that. 

The bare minimum step this huge platform should be doing is creating a category labelled "Gambling" and when it is clicked the content is instantly age-gated. Meaning only over 18 verified accounts can watch and the content can not be viewed outside of YouTube. 

Currently, the category choice is "Gaming" or "Entertainment". As you can imagine a lot of these fake gamblers choose the Gaming category, which of course is more targeted toward children. There should be an option to correctly tag the video to the right category and not to promote them to people who do not want to see Gambling advertisements which these videos are. 

Millions of lives a year are impacted by the issues of gambling-related harm. This is a small step for such a large company "Google" to implement. During the 2020/21 lockdowns, there has been a huge influx of Gambling Streamers which I am sure has led to massive casino signups and without doubt a huge increase in gambling-related harm cases in homes across the world. 

I am a former gambling streamer/creator who can see the impact fake content has on people. I choose to remove my gambling content rather than going down the only profitable route for this type of creator which was to promote casino signups and in many creators' cases they are promoting unregulated offshore crypto casinos.

There's much more needed to be done to make Youtube and Twitch a safe place for people to watch creators gambling if that's what they want to do. But creating a category where people know exactly what they are watching and do not stumble across Gambling content is an important 1st step. 

This petition and channel is not Anti-Gambling. 
It is a 1000% anti Gambling Promotion though, especially when the large creators in this space are not gambling and misleading their "Fans" into casino signups and what most will agree is a guaranteed loss of their money. 

Any questions share information, discuss this more I have a forum a everyone is welcome to an open public discussion there. 

Paul N 

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Signatures: 9Next Goal: 10
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