Youtube study - A separate version of youtube for students!

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Youtube nowadays represents the most relevant digital platform able to spread information worldwide, it undoubtedly had and still have big impact on people's lives on the last century, and became an important tool for learning and self development.

Unfortunately this educational tool had also become a counterproductive platform. It is not unusual to enter the website looking for content related to your area of study and ending up watching a totally unrelated video dozens of times.

Once the user gets to the main page, he/she is bombarded with an overload of information of all sorts of interesting topics based on an algorithm that gathers data fom your previously watched videos and search history. The same problem occurs with the related videos bar at the right side of the screen.

This unorganized array of content instead of helping the student reaching their goal, creates a perfect room for procrastination, consuming excessive time of the user and sometimes also creating a vicious cicle of frustation and depression, affecting negatively many peoples lives.

One possible solution is creating a subplatform inside youtube, or a separate app that allows users to navigate without all of the distractions presented on the website, recommending only videos related to their area of research, this solution would also help educational creators to reach a broader audience.