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To read and see the videos that have been removed please visit the link below
Blog Post: Murder And Suicide Hidden in Children's Videos

Superkidz Finger Family, a children's entertainment channel that also posts to Youtube Kids recently posted a video that starts off as a regular children's video like all of their others but quickly went in to all of the characters murdering each other. This is highly disturbing and they should be banned from ever being able to post any videos in the future to Youtube Kids. There is no way to block the channel on Youtube Kids so the only available option is to ask Youtube to ban the channel from Youtube Kids.

These videos are not "parody" as some have tried to claim. They are using popular children's songs with popular children's characters on a children's app to TARGET children watching them. They have the videos specifically listed as EDUCATIONAL videos so that they will specifically be allowed on the children's app. THIS is not parody. This is disgusting.

To see the actual video for yourself while it is still up here is the it starts at 6:08

There has been more videos found STILL on the Youtube KIDS app with graphic Violence of characters murdering each other. One of the videos is below. I found this one myself.

Looks like the youtube channel is trying to cover their tracks and has deleted the two videos listed above. I will be going through their other videos and tracking down more. Luckily I did take video OF these videos as proof along with screenshots of the videos. Our ultimate goal is to get this youtuber BANNED from the children's Youtube app so they can no longer post videos that are accessible to children. Just because they removed these particular videos does not mean they will not post more in the future. They are sick and disgusting individuals and have NO place posting videos to a children's site. 

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