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Petition to ban or demonetize Logan Paul and his content on YouTube

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It’s no secret that both of the Paul brothers are notoriously un-funny and widely hated individuals in the online/Social Media world.  They are known for inappropriate, immature, suggestive video content that can be very disrespectful and harmful, intentional or not. Their fan-base mostly consists of impressionable young teens and fan-girls and their content is highly risqué, potentially dangerous, and has caused a lot of controversy and hate from many fans, viewers, and even YouTube stars of the same genre (and beyond). With the recent event of Logan Paul posting a graphic Vlog entry showcasing a recently deceased individual in Japan, on what is notoriously known to be grounds where suicide is prevalent (and often considered sacred ground to the Japanese) it has become clear to many that he has let stardom and vanity go to his head.  The video is a trigger to many suffering from suicidal thoughts, it is disrespectful to the culture and the individual, and it has shown a high level of problematic ownership on YouTube. Whether or not his apology is sincere, the intention was “to raise awareness”, or the whole thing was fabricated (because I wouldn’t put it past him) it’s just not okay and he needs to be stopped - but it a diplomatic and mature fashion.  I’m hoping that, with enough signatures, we might be able to get his account demonetized or (even better) banned so he can stop profiting off of dangerous content and his young viewers’ click-happy ways. I don’t want to see anyone’s life ruined by content like this - even Mr. Paul’s (no matter how irresponsible and stupid he may be) - but this is just taking things too far and it needs to be stopped. With your help we may be able to set an example that can positively impact how internet idealogy progresses in 2018. 

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