Ban Anti-Hindu Karuppar Koottam Youtube Channel

Ban Anti-Hindu Karuppar Koottam Youtube Channel

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The channel named "Karuppar Koottam" has been posting videos deliberately and maliciously attacking Hindu gods and scriptures with the aim of causing social unrest. 
A minimum of 3 police complaints have been filed against this hate group in Tamilnadu by prominent Hindu movements. They are filed as defamation, instigation of communal violence, under sections 153, 153(A)(1)(a), 295(p),505(1)(b) and 502 (2) if the Indian Penal Code.

The legal process may take a bit longer to take effect. Their social media announcements in regards to this matter has only served to further increase these tensions. They are simply being unapologetic and making tongue in the cheek remarks on other social media platforms and the very existence of the channel with other videos will soon become cause for violence in the state of Tamilnadu India.  

The channel has now made the problematic videos private. However, this is not sufficient since private videos can still be circulated to the same effect. And all the other videos in this channel are equally offensive as well. 

So we request YouTube to take severe action against this channel on the whole and ban it. Social tensions are already raising due to these videos and the reactionary videos being posted by others, which may turn into a religious conflict in the very near future.