Have the Saccone Joly's investigated for child abuse

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On the 13th of August 2019, the Saccone Joly's uploaded a video titled "OUR TWO-YEAR-OLD HAS A PROBLEM ! ". Where they, later on, admit that they cold showed there 2-year-old child as a form of punishment for pooing there napping (during a day time nap) and smearing themselves with this poo . This is not the first time that a cold shower has been mentioned as a form of punishment by this family as in a video, on the 9th of August 2017 their eldest child was asked what she does to her dolly's if they have been naughty she replied that they are given a cold shower as punishment. This suggesting that this is the punishment used regularly by these parents if their children are to act badly as they believe that this is the correct way to punish people as well. This is child abuse and something has to be done to protect these children from any more harm. Many of there followers have supported this type of punishment meaning that there may be more children at risk if they believe that this is the correct punishment for 'bad' behaviour.
Therefore I believe that both the NSPCC should look into this incident more and youtube should remove this video and family from there site.