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  • "AatmNirbhar Bharat",To make people of India understand the importance of Bycotting the Chinese product .Our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modiji in his Address to Nation on May 12,2020 ,started 'vocal for local' camapign.He urged the citizens to buy and promote local goods and brands.Our vision on the footsteps on our Prime Minister is to see and make India 'Self Reliant'
  • Our Mission is to spread awareness and explaining the people about the 'SWADESHI APNAVO' camapign and 'BYCOTT THE CHINESE PRODUCT' camapign.We will try our best to spread the awareness to all citizens considering our fundamental duty to do so.We have make the video regarding the same to tell the people about the alternatives app available and join us in our camapign for the prosperity of our New India.
  • If we all come together for our Nation,then We all can create the great Impact on the society.In the current situation,the role of YOUTHS can make the large difference Because they go for shopping of electronics gadgets.
  • If the young generation understands the importance to avoid buying of chinese product then it will create a sharper Impact.Also, it is important to note that we import estimate seven times more than we export.So there is large defleict,which is very serious thing!
  • So,We should try to manfactures more and more things in India only.The two main earnings of China is in smartphones(electronic equipments) And Lightings,Fire Crakers.So,if we try to lesser this buying then It will create the Remarkful Impact.