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Stop Sectarian Violence that is Causing Serious Humanitarian Crisis in Jos

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There is a need for Quick Intervention by The Federal Republic of Nigeria and Plateau State Government to Stop the Ongoing Sectarian Violence, Causing Serious Humanitarian Crisis in Jos, the capital city and the seat of governance of Plateau state, Nigeria.

There is a fast need for a real flow of light, love, compassion and strong spirit passion to save lives of innocent women, youth, children and the elderly in Jos, many are of them are crying in need of a genuine lasting peace in Jos, plateau state, Nigeria, this could be heard from their hearts everyday. Yes any kind of help and support in salvaging the Jos crisis situation at this critical moment can go a long way as a relief and serve as a unifying factor to reducing more fear and tension among the conflicting Christian and Muslim folks. The government of Nigeria must double its action in this cause!

We need to promote religious tolerance and cooperation, ethnic brotherhood and sisterhood using all available resources meant for peace-building and humanitarian support, especially so that we can have a better world. We have to intensify efforts toward peace education too, human rights and emergency intervention education specifically" for the christian and Muslim youth here in Jos who often are being used as tools for perpetrating the violence. Let's enable them be educated about the value and sanctity of human life and dignity as well.

This terrible killings and hacking of innocent souls in Jos must stop. Peace is the ultimate way out! We do not need legal or military intervention to protect human rights and promote peace and human dignity of all (both Christians & Muslims) in Jos Plateau and Nigeria. Lives and limbs are being wasted and properties burnt everyday. Innocent people who have chosen the beautiful scenery that distinguishes Jos from other parts of Nigeria as a place of business or abode are running helter-skelter due to sectarian violence and the government is still relaxed. It is now indeed beyond human capacity to really comprehend how and why other humans like himself can become so detached from their humanity that they become interested in randomly butchering and mindlessly hacking innocent human beings, including babies, women and the elderly in such a wonderful place as Jos. This is serious, over 5,000 women went out recently in black attires to protest this cruelty, insanity and heartless murder, yet the problems continue. This must stop even without the government support. We must live in Peace in Jos.

Every help and support from anyone will bring solution to Jos crises in the following thematic areas:
- To help stop sectarian violence that is causing serious humanitarian crisis in Jos
- To close existing communication gaps through effective dialogue for harmony
- To foster and sustain peace and atmosphere of progress
- To promote through education, good spirit of forgiveness and love
for neighbor as self
- To engage both Christian and Muslim Youth in other empowerment
training activities for capacity building and job creation to reduce
idleness and tendencies of vulnerability to violent conflicts.
- And to encourage leadership effectiveness in ensuring security of
lives and properties of human persons. Music has the power to create this, I believe!

Thank you for the interest to intervene and God bless,

Dr. Amedu Monday Amedu

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