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Your Water is Poisonous

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Fluoridation of public water supplies is an act of mass medication without consent. Fluoride has been recognised as a neurotoxin yet it is used to prevent dental caries (Cavities), a medical condition. The government and health authority refuse to recognise the act of putting a class II poison into our drinking and bathing water as mass medication, which it clearly is. There is no validated scientific evidence to show that fluoride reduces cavities either in children or adults. The York review is held up by the authorities as a definitive confirmation that fluoride does help stop cavities. The contents of this report have been selectively used by the authorities to achieve this confirmation and the authors of the York review (Several highly qualified academics) have written an open letter to government expressing their concerns at how their work has been manipulated to show results that are blatantly not true. A further report by Dr. Jennifer Luke concluded that fluoride was responsible for decreasing melatonin levels and subsequent accelerated sexual maturation in females. This report was known of by the Department of Health some 14 years ago but was ignored and buried. Fluoride in the form of Hexafluorosilicic acid (an industril waste product containing arsenic) is the substance used by water companies. This chemical is highly toxic, requires an NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) suit to handle and , as more scientific studies on it emerge, may be responsible for a massive number of illnesses in our population. Sign this petition please and send a firm message to the authorities that we will not be poisoned by this noxious substance nor will we be mass medicated without consent.

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