Implement 'Weighted Listening' on Spotify

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People love to listen to music, it's the best. Artists love to make music and are grateful when people enjoy their music. The problem is that your money as a listener is not making its way to the artists that you listen to the most (by no fault of the listener).

I propose in solidarity with many artists and listeners a 'weighted listening' solution. This solution would NOT cost listeners or Spotify anything more - it would simply distribute your money to the artists that YOU LISTEN TO!

With this model, Spotify users would still pay the same 9.99$/month and Spotify would still retain the same 30% of subscriptions - leaving $6.99 of your money to be distributed to the artists that you listen to and love.

Simple example: if your monthly listening breakdown is 41% Billie Eilish, 32% John Moreland, and 27% Vulfpeck - Billie Eilish would receive $2.86, John Moreland would receive $2.23, and Vulfpeck would receive $1.88 thanks to your listening. (this example is rounded down to the nearest cent, merry christmas Spotify!).

The current system puts every listeners money into one pot, and pays it out depending on what percentage of overall listens an artist had across the entire platform. Instead of a 'per-stream payment' as often thought, this results in more of a popularity contest based on percentage of overall listens. The vast majority of this money goes to record labels who have relationships with Spotify (who may or may not be paying artists fairly) - this means that even if you had the same monthly listening breakdown as the above example, most of your money may end up in Drake's hands (as an example) regardless of wether or not you listened to him that month.

This begs the question: would emerging artists be able to make their way into the industry in a more meaningful way if a listeners money makes it way to the artists that they listen to and love?

In the words of Paula Mejia writing for NPR: "Critics say the pro rata model disproportionately privileges top artists and labels, and leaves little chance for even midsize artists, such as a band like Khruangbin — whose most-listened-to songs have tens of millions of listens on Spotify — to get a fair shake. Also and importantly, fans have no say in the direction of where their subscription dollars head. In parallel to the promise of "music for everyone" (as Spotify's tagline goes), a harsh truth has emerged: Countless working artists in the United States can't feasibly make a decent living in this new world."

Please sign this petition if you like the idea of your Spotify subscription money going towards the artists that you listen to!

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