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Your Holiness, Pope Francis.: Initiate an independent, open-ended, international, theological inquiry of the clerical sexual abuse scandal.




In order to understand the root causes of the sexual abuse scandal, to discover if it is systemic, to establish if the sexual doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church has contributed to the scandal, to examine the clerical culture of the Catholic Church, and to examine the historical role of St. Augustine in the development of the doctrine of original sin, and a wholly negative view of sexuality; the Catholic Church needs to commission an independent, open-ended, international, theological inquiry of the worldwide clerical sexual abuse scandal.  The commission must be composed of equal numbers of conservative, moderate, and liberal theologians, a plethora of married and single lay people who can convey their experiences of married and single life, and qualified scientists who have expertise in sexuality, medicine, genetics, psychology, sociology, psychiatry, etc.  When the inquiry has freely determined its findings, including any dissenting views, the Church must translate it into several languages, and promptly place the report, including any dissenting conclusions, on the Vatican website, for any person to freely examine.  To make the report secret would consign it to irrelevancy.  The purpose of all of these measures is for the Catholic Church to produce global policies, regulations, and processes in the Church's Code of Canon Law, so that all dioceses throughout the world will have a uniform set of laws protecting all children and vulnerable people, in order for the risk of sexual abuse on any person, to be significantly diminished. 

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