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Dozer is a sweet dog who was surrendered to RSPCA Victoria due to his owner's circumstances. After successfully completing his quarantine period and behaviour assessment with humans and other dogs, he was made available for adoption to the public.

While exercising in a yard by himself, he got bored and exited the yard using the ramp. To clarify, the yard is surrounded by a fence but it is so poorly designed that the fence is at an angle which allows dogs to easily run up it and exit the yard, not an uncommon occurrence. Once out of the yard, he saw another dog Lola being walked and ran up to her and play bowed. Lola loves people but unfortunately does not like other dogs and because she was being walked on a lead, she did not have the option to flee and so she chose to bite Dozer. The two dogs were able to be separated, but no further action took place, and Dozer never retaliated to Lola.

RSPCA Victoria chose to euthanise Lola. This is despite the fact she was put in a situation she should not have been in, and despite the fact she had no other choice but to react in the way she did.

RSPCA Victoria has now decided that Dozer must also die. This is completely ludicrous given that Dozer is simply a victim who only wanted to play with another dog, and did not retaliate to Lola in any way even when she bit him.

Sadly, this is a fate that many dogs who exit their yards face. Astonishingly, RSPCA Victoria refuses to solve the problem by simply fixing the yard fencing, and continues to routinely euthanise these poor dogs. The poor containment is unlawful, and a severe health and safety issue.

It's regrettably too late for Lola, but please give your voice and support for Dozer to live now! Your support will also be to all of the other future dogs whose lives RSPCA Victoria choose to unfairly end. There isn't much time at all! PLEASE HELP SAVE DOZER!!