Let our community cats live

Let our community cats live

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Started by Janice Kara

For 7 years, two of our community cats, Mimi and Blackie have been residing in our condo carpark peacefully. They are well fed and have been sterilised since 2015. Without your voice, Mimi and Blackie will be removed by AVS and culled.

Adoption is unlikely to occur after the management has mentioned in their adoption appeal that the cats "are found sleeping on Residents’ car bonnets and leaving paw prints, hairs and scratches on their cars." - all of which are allegations without proof. Hence, this means intervention by AVS for removal will come next. As AVS does not have sufficient room to house the many abandoned and removed cats, these cats are highly likely to be culled.

This comes as devastating news to my neighbours and I who spend at least an hour and a half daily with the cats. As much as we would like to adopt them into our homes, we are unable to and sincerely hope they could continue living in the carpark of our condo. If kicked out of their own homes, they will likely be unable to fend for themselves as they have been taken care of and fed by loving caregivers for more than six years.  

A few residents have lodged complaints about the cats, that they sleep on top of their cars and have caused not just dirty paw prints but scratches too. Yet, no proof of their accusations regarding damages being inflicted by the cats on their cars have been provided. In 2009, a vet in Singapore explained before that it is difficult for a cat to scratch a car. The car paint is of an industrial grade that acts to protect vehicles from the elements and the most violent and abrasive pelting action derived from cars travelling over great speeds over gravel-filled and debris laden roads. Refer to the link below https://mothership.sg/2018/09/why-cat-cannot-scratch-car/

Moreover, some have even accused the cats of leaving pee in the carpark. They have submitted a photograph of what they claimed to be cat urine at a carpark lot, but their photo has been verified by a vet to be motor oil rather than cat urine. The cats do know where to urinate and poo, instead of leaving it all over the carpark as per what the few residents have claimed. 

As much as I try to sympathise with the few residents who love their cars dearly, I think it is unacceptable to kick the cats out just because of their reasons. 

If you stand with us, please lend your voice in our fight by signing this petition, to let Mimi and Blackie continue to stay in the condo's carpark.

Thank you!

2,071 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!