Help us keep Robert Carey Seymour in prison

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My papa Donald Luke Bratcher was killed in cold blood by a man named Robert Carey Seymour in 1995. I was about 4 years old but I remember the last day I seen my papa like it was yesterday. Seymour had picked my papa up in Elberton, ga as he was walking to our house to give him a ride. He didn't have transportation but he got around on foot just fine. I remember my papa gave me a $1 bill and told me to buy myself something. As a kid I thought I'd struck the lottery! I hugged him and told him bye as we noticed the man he was riding with my mama just didn't have a good feeling about it. Over the course of the day for some reason Seymour thought my papa must be a wealthy man, in fact he wasn't the least bit money wise but he had a heart of gold and would give the shirt off his back. Somehow they ended up on a old logging road in Elberton, Ga and my papa asked for Seymour to stop so he could make a pit stop to pee (lol it was the 90s and in the middle of nowhere) little did my papa know he'd never get to hear what I baught with that $1 he gave me. He was hit in the head with a cement brick and left to suffer and die in the woods as Seymour drove off. I guess he got away with the very little money papa had in his wallet. Maybe $10? It wasn't like my mama to not hear from papa daily. He stayed in touch. Mama knew something wasn't right after just a couple days and she kept telling everyone something was wrong. She filed a missing persons report after the 48 rule and of course the law enforcement just reassured her he'd be fine and was probably off drinking. Days passed, weeks passed and she knew someone had hurt him. Seymour was questioned and interrogated all while the FBI was investigating the hotel room my papa was staying at when he went missing and saw blood under the black lights and found his wallet behind the toilet tank. Finally he broke his silence and lead them to my papas so badly decomposed body he was unidentifiable. The family was able to indentify the clothes that was found on the bones that were left and the color of the hair that was left laying in a circle where his sweet face once was. Seymour was convicted of murder and was sentenced to prison for the rest of his natural life. I never saw my papa again. This is where you come in. Recently my mother was contacted by victim services to let her know that Seymour was being released on parole once he finishes his work release program. Seymour has only been in prison for 24 years. After receiving this news I searched his name on google which brought up a article about how Seymour was diagnosed with skin cancer. Seymour was placed in Augusta State Medical Prison where he started undergoing surgery for the tumors and to start radiation because it was now in his lymph nodes. BUT he is complaining about the sanitation of the prison and says he will refuse treatment if he has to stay there any longer. Now his family is fighting because they think he should just get out and receive his care on parole and live the rest of his life because the treatment he is receiving is unsanitary and not good enough for him. Excuse me but when did HE have the right to decide that? Ya know after he decided it was okay to murder my papa. How sanitary was what you did to him? How fair was that? So no. He deserves to stay in prison. Death bed or not. He deserves his sentencing. Please help me today and sign this petition so we can present it to the parole board before 4/30/18. Please. Thank you.