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You can't escape moral judgment through a legal loop hole.

Chris Benton, son of Pepperdine University President Andy Benton, is the last known person to have been with Katie Wilkins before her death. There are text messages showing a planned meeting between Katie Wilkins and Chris Benton on April 27th at 8:30PM. At 8:33PM video surveillance from the Malibu Mc Donald’s restaurant shows Katie, in her 1998 BMW Silver Z3, pulling into the McDonalds parking lot, Chris entering the car as a passenger, and just the two of them driving away. This is her last known whereabouts before she was found dead at the family home on April 28th.

When Chris Benton was contacted for questioning about his involvement with Katie on the night of April the 27th an attorney was hired for him


Letter to
Chris Benton
President and CEO of Pepperdine University Andrew Benton
I just don't understand why you haven't reached out to Diane and Rob Wilkins? If your son is innocent then why on earth would you remain silent at such an awful time in this families lives?
May your son be spared the tragic end that Katie had and may you and your family be spared from finding him the way that Steve found his sister Katie on the evening of April 28th.
Nothing you do will bring Katie back this is true but your actions can help this family grieve. Your silence, your son's silence is cause for concern. There are questions here that you may be able to help with.

Please sir do the right thing!

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