There will be a day AFTER COVID-19. Help us change the way leaders lead. Everywhere.

There will be a day AFTER COVID-19. Help us change the way leaders lead. Everywhere.

3,136 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
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Impeachment. War in the Middle East. Climate change. Brexit. Income inequality. Nuclear proliferation. NOW COVID-19.  DO WE NEED ANY MORE EVIDENCE OF THE INSUFFICIENCY OF LEADERSHIP?

You know that we live in an age of abundance – there has never been a better time to be alive. And yet, also know that the world is on the verge of a colossal misstep that is global and systemic. Humanity is this close to solving the world’s greatest problems, finally and forever, and yet appears to be about to shoot itself in the foot (at best).  It keeps you up at night. It should.

And who is ‘you’? ‘You’ are the majority exhausted by having your voices drowned out by people on either side of you– or worse yet, having to yell to be heard over them.  You are the people who do not lock yourselves into a specific ideology, the people who are open minded, caring and curious enough to consider solutions from wherever – and from whomever - they might be found. People who get that there will be a time after COVID-19 and that 'we' need to deal with climate change AND nuclear proliferation AND income inequality AND the reframing of capitalism and liberal democracy AND a host of other existential issues - AND that humanity has very little time to do it.

What needs fixing?  Leadership. We think there is a systemic, global insufficiency of effective leadership, that MUST be addressed in the next 10-20 years.  It follows that to do that, the solution must be systemic, global - and values based (click here to see our Tenets). Moreover, only a purposeful Manhattan Project scale initiative will work - targeting leadership just as Bill Gates targeted the eradication of malaria or polio.

How are we ‘doing’ it?  By creating the global community that will not only incubate and elevate a cohort of existing and aspiring leaders to positions of influence, power and impact, but will require as a precondition that each and every member thrive – however they define that - that they be empowered to be their best possible self.

We do that through a four-step process:

  • Connect - We turn a voiceless cohort into a community that speaks as one
  • Empower - We strengthen members in their personal, professional and passion pursuits through Local and GlobalCircles
  • Mobilize - We challenge members to leverage their individual and collective circumstance and expertise to positively impact society through Projects and Missions
  • Transform - We change the culture of leadership through the shared vison and power of example

Leaders Expedition has invested over 15,000 hours and US$250,000 to devise and test the practical solution to change the way leaders lead, globally and systemically – by 2030.  We are a Canadian non-profit organization of 650 members from 35+ countries.  We believe that to fail is an existential threat to humanity.  To fail is to let the angriest voices define the societies in which our children and grand-children will be raised.

Our Moonshot objective is to elevate "one million of our members to positions of influence, power and impact by 2030: from the classroom, to the boardroom to the legislature".

If you believe the world needs to change the way leaders lead, then we need your support NOW to help us amplify our message and secure the financial (and other material) support from the wealthy benefactors - and influencers - who share our POV/values and can make this happen NOW (the 100 decision maker/influencers we are addressing this petition to is a fraction of the 1% of the 1% with whom we believe our Tenets would resonate).  

We've done our bit - and there has never been greater urgency. It's now up to YOU.

So please support our vital initiative by signing our petition, and share it with your family, friends, colleagues and followers - and help get the message to those with the power, brand and resources that can make this happen. 

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Leaders Expedition (LEx) is a federally registered non-profit organization based in Canada (Corporation number 928064-2). 


3,136 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!