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Vietnam has a serious crisis of water pollution. Only 39% of the population have access to clean water. The other 61% live in poor conditions or do not have the right amount of wealth to live someplace else where there is clean water.

Not drinking pure water results in sicknesses such as cholera, typhoid, dysentery and malaria. Even though some of these sicknesses can be cured easily, most of the population do not have the amount of money to provide the correct medication for their families. The Mekong River is the main source of fresh water in South Vietnam but has benn polluted with rubbish,sewage and human waste. Even though the Vietnamese government is tackling this problem, they are not working hard enough to fix this problem.

If this petition is filled with at least 75 signatures, I will send it to charities and national governments such as UNICEF, AUS AID, the Australian Government and of course, The Socialist Republic of Vietnam so create solutions such as providing bins and toilets for local areas to use instead of throwing it away in the river.

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Letter to
The Socialist Republic of Vietnam Tru'o'ng Tan Sang
Dear Tru'o'ng Tan Sang
Many of the people in Vietnam are suffering from many diseases because of the polluted waters in the rivers. This is mostly in the poor parts of Vietnam because the local area can not afford machines that purify the waters. They also can not provide toilets and rubbish bins for the local people. Therefore many people release their waste into the rivers including human waste and rubbish. One of the reasons why people are infected with diseases from the polluted waters is because they are not aware of the health dangers. I suggest that Vietnamese children should be educated about water pollution at schools so that they may tell their parents about it as well. I propose a solution involving the provision of enough bins and toilets for the local people of an area, therefore stopping people from throwing their waste into the rivers and keeping it someplace else. Another idea would be to create a law to prohibit companies or any people for that matter to dispose waste into the rivers to pollute them.

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