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Help save Canavan's Peckham Pool Club

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What is Happening?

Developers are people are planning to construct a courtyard adjacent to canavan's Peckham Pool Club. According to the plans, The bedroom windows would be facing the dancefloor area. 

How will This affect us?

Our concern is that this would result in complaints and in the worst case scenario, mean the end of the club as we know it.

What have we done so far?

While we work very closely with neighbours to minimise noise levels, this ill considered development would make collaboration impossible. Both the venue and Peckham Vision have made repeated efforts to consult developers to work out possible acoustic solutions have been ignored up to this point.

What Can YOU Do ?

Please sign this petition to voice objection to this development and follow our progress in order to object to the proposal once the plans are validated by Southwark Council.

What Canavan's Means to the Community

The social and cultural landscape of Peckham is changing. It’s been constantly changing and will continue to change long after we are gone. We’re not against natural change, we don’t want to stand in the way of progress or organic growth, but we must also recognise what makes our community special and endeavour to protect these assets from the onslaught of commercially driven, short sighted and drastic change.
We are proud to play a key part in our neighbourhood, which is arguably the most dynamic and unique suburb in London. This appeal was built from the ground up, from a grassroots network of local residents, thinking global but acting local. Thanks to a number of initiatives at our own establishment and others in our neighbourhood, Peckham is now firmlay on the international cultural map. This latest phase of greed driven developments aim to homogenise the special environment we have been a part of creating.

Canavan’s is a hive of creativity and a real social hub for the local community, catering to all ages and al demographics, from pool tournaments, to youth groups to cutting edge musical performances that not only nurture the next generation of british talent, but have made canavans’s a firm fixture on the international circuit.

The music events held at the pool hall  are not only renowned worldwide, but they are the bread and butter of the club. If they are not allowed to continue, many different communities within the area who use the venue for a multitude of reasons will suffer. The Pool club is a unique environment where all are welcome, and where many different cultures and demographics enjoy a safe, welcoming environment

We have to stand together to ensure that Canavan’s can keep doing what it does best, for the good of the community!


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