Stop YouTube animal abuse

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YouTuber, instagrammer and tiktok user ssoyoung collects aquatic life just to torture on camera for views. Pulling large animals from a tank and dropping on the floor repeatedly and suffocating these animals for fun. Taking bites out of a scared , suffocating innocent animal for a laugh. 
Finally putting a stop to this person would put others who are inspired by her horrific acts to a stop. Signing this could get her off YouTube and save countless animals the experience of a cold hearted , senseless , torturous slow and painful death. Hopefully , this will stop more you tubers from starting similar channels. 
    Please , sign this. Please spread this and please, do not watch her videos and give her more views. She needs to be stopped, normalizing and supporting animal cruelty is not something we can stand by and except. The mentality spreads when most YouTube views are impressionable kids. 
take a minute. Sign it an pass it on. Please .Thank you so much for your compassion and consideration. 
Together we can make the changes we all need to see. 

please report on all three sites for animal abuse

instagram ssoyoung_mukbang

TikTok @ssoasmr

youtube ssoyoung