Don't Bulldoze Our Home

Don't Bulldoze Our Home

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Hi, I'm Jerry Puckett. My wife Sharon and I are from Yorktown, Indiana. Town officials want to take our beloved home through eminent domain, bulldoze it, and replace it with a new development. But we do not want to leave!

When we moved into our home over fifty years ago, we immediately fell in love with it and with our community. Our home is right off the main downtown street, where everything we need is nearby but far enough away that we have all the quiet we want. It also features the best view of the park—don’t let our neighbors tell you any different!

Now, Yorktown officials have adopted a plan that proposes replacing our home with something called “courtyard/games,” even though officials could easily build farther east on land the town already owns, or on the property of willing sellers. How is a small open space for games necessary or more important than our home?

At this stage in our lives, we can’t afford to have our home taken out from under us. Because Sharon needs a wheelchair to get around, I fixed up the whole house just for her. We have raised our two children here, and have decades of good times with family and friends invested in this home. We love it here. And we do not wish to leave.

Unfortunately, Yorktown officials do not seem to care about the lives we have built. They have told us that, since we are in the path of redevelopment, we must abandon the house we’ve worked so hard for many years to own. And if we don’t accept their offer, they say, our property will be condemned—all for a confusing and changing redevelopment plan that mixes public and private uses.

We know that the town’s threats are not empty. Just in the past few weeks, a court ruled against our friend and neighbor, Janice Ross, allowing the town to take her home and property for this project. Any day, we could be next.

In the end, all we’re asking is that the town work with us, not against us, to make our beautiful community the best it can be.

So, please—will you help us protect our home from eminent domain? Sign this petition today and tell Yorktown officials to let us live the rest of our lives in peace.

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