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Immediate rerecognition of Unite and renegotiate the imposed Workforce plan

On April 1st 2013 the Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust will impose a 5-year workforce plan which Unite the union members rejected. This was because we feel the plan downgrades patient care and does not train new frontline staff appropriately or pay them a reasonable salary to do a very difficult job. Many existing staff will also be downgraded into the imposed new roles - losing them pay and pension rights. This also puts extra responsibility and pressure on already overworked paramedics who the new role of an ECA will be working with.
The abolition of the urgent tier of staff within the plan also makes it increasingly difficult to respond to lower grade emergencies in a timely fashion. This then also opens the door to the possible privatisation of an NHS service. The Trust is also currently regularly using private ambulance providers to attend 999 details using public money in an NHS service leading to a postcode lottery for patients.
When Unite the Union tried to stand up against these attacks - the Trust immediately derecognised them as a trade union - effectively gagging their members from speaking out about their concerns.
We want the immediate rerecognition of Unite within the Trust and a chance to negotiate an improved workforce model.
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