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York University needs a feminist society. More than 100 students already recognise this and are part of the group. We need a place where we can discuss feminism as a political ideology and talk about feminism as a worldwide issue rather than just a campus one. We need a FemSoc because a Liberation and Welfare network is not supposed to have a political agenda. We need a FemSoc because Feminism needs to be recognised as a legitimate political movement, on campus and outside campus. We want a safe place where all genders can speak about the movement, and a place where we can invite speakers. When we have a large number of ratified societies with far less people interested than those who are interested in FemSoc, we wonder why YUSU is refusing to ratify us. Please sign this petition to enable Feminist discussion at York University.

Letter to
York University Student Union
Dear YUSU,
I am writing to you to state my solidarity and support with the Feminist Society on your campus.
York University is in need of a feminist society, shown by the large number of people who signed the paper petition and the large number of people in the Facebook group.
We need YUSU to stand by the society, and in doing so, support the fact that students on campus want a safe and inclusive space to discuss Feminism as a political ideology.
We do not want FemSoc to be silenced, or tucked away as a faction of a Liberation and Welfare Network, which is different from a student Political society. Many societies on campus have overlapping values, and we have seen them work together on events and become stronger because of it.
YUSU are there to represent students, why aren't you representing those who feel that they need a Feminist Society on campus?

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