State Our Programs and Majors on York University Diplomas!

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York University students graduating this year are shocked to see that our diplomas only state "Bachelor of Arts", "Bachelor of Science", etc. without recognition for our majors. Many are disappointed as this does not truly recognize our education, our passions, our potential, and our future careers. 

Many other schools include the program on diplomas, including schools much smaller than York University. York often advertises its wide array of programs, many of which are specific to their different campuses. Yet these programs are not present in the one thing that all York students work for - the diploma we receive after all our hard work. Please sign to help us get York to put program names on our diplomas! 


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To whom it may concern,
I recently found out that York's diplomas do not list students' majors. This absolutely does not adequately reflect the years, money, and hard work of your students. Students from many other major schools in Ontario, colleges as well as universities, list the major or field of study. York University should meet this standard. 

It is concerning that alumni do not have their major listed as proof to future educational institutions that alumni may attend, and/or employers they may work for. COVID-19 has already made it difficult to find work, and this lack of detail on diplomas could make a difference in getting into grad school or getting the job.

It's interesting to note that on the YU Verify, all details regarding what alumni have completed at York, including their college, whether their degree is bilingual, and if it is an honours degree is included. For example, a Glendon student who majored in French Studies and completed their bilingual requirement can see that they've completed "Glendon College/Collège universitaire Glendon, B.A., Bilingual, Hons. Études françaises/French Studies" - yet that is nowhere to be seen on the actual diploma...the piece of paper that actually counts. This student, according to the current standards, only has a Bachelor of Arts. 

We have been told that this is how York University has been doing their diplomas for a few years now, but it is NOT right, and is not fair to your alumni who have invested in York University, and who continued to support the university in various ways. All of the details of what your students have completed should be included. If the degree is Honours of Specialized Honours, this should be clearly indicated and not appear as if it is fine print in a contract.

Many students are frustrated by York's lack of effort in their diplomas. YorkU claims to put their students first, but fails to recognize their students after they spend thousands of hours and dollars attending an institution that can't be bothered to print a few more words on a piece of paper.

There must be a change. Students want to feel appreciated and recognized!


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