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As most of you might already know we are going on over 3 months of this York University strike and I personally still cannot believe that it's been this long. I can't even begin to explain how this strike has affected me personally and those close to me mentally and emotionally.

York University is all too familiar with strikes happening, time and time again this keeps happening, and year after year students are the ones who end up suffering the most. There has never been any thought or consideration for how this is affecting us now, and how this will affect us moving forward. They have added an 14-week ongoing strike on top of already dealing with so many pressures such as struggling to get assignments done, studying for exams-basically just trying to get through our post-secondary education as smoothly as we know how all while juggling part-time jobs some even full-time jobs, hoping and praying that this will all be worth it someday. 

Graduating students and first year students, where do we go from here?

How do I move forward? A question that has been roaming my mind since the beginning of this strike while I tried to patiently wait hoping that the next email I would get would be that the strike was over. While I waited for that email to come instead I got an email telling me that I’ve been “de-enrolled” in the courses I’ve taken for summer, not only that but most courses for this summer have been cancelled. So, York what do you really have for me?

The reason I'm writing this is with the hope that with the many students, parents and loved ones out there who have been deeply affected by this ongoing strike that we make York University accountable for their actions. I want York to refund the students all their money since the beginning of this ongoing strike because like most students myself included are funded by OSAP and that is money that we will eventually have to give back with nothing to show for. I don't think that's right, and we shouldn't sit back and let this happen. Unless and until York is held accountable for all the trouble they have caused or will continue to cause, there will be no end to this.

What I hope to gain from this petition is that first and foremost we get refunded for all the time we have lost, granted we can never get that time back and the damage is done but we need to at least try to take back what we have left, get up, and fight for the kind of educational institution we want, need and deserve. Most importantly I want people to feel like they don’t have to idly sit back and wait for an email that doesn’t seem to ever be coming. We can take our future in our hands, we can be the change that we want to see.

I kindly ask that everyone who reads this whether you’re a York student now, former student, loved one of a York student, friend of a York student, friend of a friend of a York student, I think you get my point, but I want you to sign this and help me ensure that we make York University understand how we really feel and how this strike is really affecting us because I don’t think they quite understand. I ask that you help me in doing this so that we the students get what we rightly deserve and so that no other student has to go through this again.