York County Residents : Protect Fishing Creek

York County Residents : Protect Fishing Creek

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Casey Shuler started this petition to Protect Fishing Creek York County Residents and

***Reminder Meeting  6pm Tomorrow***
                Please share!!!

May 12th 6:00pm 
York Government Center 
6 S Congress St 
York SC

Don't forget to wear your RED shirts to show opposition to the quarry.

Again, as a reminder:

This meeting is an Administrative Appeal for the quarry to be "grandfathered" in using the old zoning regulations. This is not about if we want the quarry or expressing concerns related to environment, health, damage to homes, etc. 

Please remember this is a courtroom type atmosphere.  There should be no shouting, outbursts, clapping, etc. Our expectation is everyone representing our group be respectful and follow the guidelines of the meeting. 

Look forward to seeing everyone!

You can find the agenda and documents related to the meeting here...




Please continue to sign and share the petition. We need to make sure that as many people as possible are aware. After all of our efforts to spread the word, we are still contacted almost daily by neighbors just finding out. Thank you for your help!!!

****Please note any donations made on this site goes to the advertisement of this petition, not directly to the cause itself. If you would like to make a donation to our group please contact our email below.  ****

Facebook- No Rock Quarry York County - Protect Fishing Creek 

Email- protectfishingcreek@gmail.com

SCELP Website- https://www.scelp.org/news/york-county-citizens-urge-rejection-of-massive-rock-quarry


Let your local representatives know your feelings and how this quarry can impact local residents and York County. *Please be sure to say "Include in Public Record". These will be given to the Zoning Board of Appeals Members*

York County Zoning Board of Appeals Rachel.Grothe@yorkcountygov.com

York County Council Chairwoman Christi.cox@yorkcountygov.com

York County Council District Representative Robert.winkler@yorkcountygov.com

SC Senate Mikefanning@scsenate.gov

SC Senate Wesclimer@scsenate.gov


Help stop the Langham Creek Quarry!!!!

The newly proposed rock quarry will be located at the corner of Benfield Rd and McFarland Rd in York, SC. Please share with family/friends, this will effect more than just the local residents- many neighbors are not aware of the plans.

This quarry will not only lower our property values it is a danger to our health, vegetation and wildlife. Local houses and wells will be in danger of structural damage from mining and blasting. It could also disrupt and pollute the water table leaving homeowners and wildlife with limited or no water availability.

Below are some personal and environmental examples of effects from a quarry.

Dust exposure, plant leaves covered with dust, inability to grow crops, eye and nasal allergies, chronic cough, higher level of airway restrictions compared to general population, decreased lung function, loss of fertile topsoil, depletion of ground water, flooding, sinkholes, and damage to local roads.

Please consider signing our petition to stop the quarry and potential devastating effects to residents and the environment. Feel free to leave a comment on the effects this will have on your personally. We need your help to stop this!


0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!