Keep Family School 32's hours 8:35-3:15

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Recently, the Yonkers School District proposed that our school, Family School 32, along with 3 other elementary schools located on the east side of Yonkers, change it's normal school hours to an earlier schedule. The reason stated for this change is that the district would benefit financially.

The Family School 32 community is NOT in favor of changing our school hours for the following reasons:

1. If this change happens, we could lose some valued teachers and staff due to child care issues.

2. A very large percentage of our students take the bus to school and these children will have to be at their designated bus stops an hour earlier. We are very concerned about the safety of these children as they wait for their bus in darkness before sunrise.

3. For the majority of our families, a change in school hours would be highly disruptive to their normal daily routine. Although the school hours would be changing, it's important to note that the average parent's 9:00AM - 5:00PM work schedules will not change. Our already hard working and cash strapped families will have to come up with additional funds in order to pay for more child care. Furthermore, they will have to seek out different child care arrangements to accommodate the earlier dismissal time. For many families, this isn't even possible.

4. We pride ourselves in being Family School 32 and we would hate to lose any members that make up our "Family".

The PTA cares deeply about our school and community. We understand the district needs to save money but not at the expense of our children. We need your support by signing this petition and sharing. Thank you.

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