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Drop the charges against victims of Davis Police violence on Picnic Day 2017

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On April 22, 2017, three plainsclothes Davis police officers reported that they were attacked by an angry mob. However, video evidence and witness accounts contradict their statements. The Davis Police lied about what happened that day, and not only are they currently evading any consequences and still serving on the police force, but five young adults (all of whom are of color) are facing felony charges as a result of their misconduct and blatant dishonesty.

The police initially reported that a mob of people surrounded their car and attacked them out of nowhere. Video taken from a dash cam shows that this did not happen. Instead, it shows the officers driving their unmarked van straight into a large, but calm, crowd gathered on a streetcorner. Officers then quickly got out of their car (once again, the car was unmarked; the individuals involved had no idea that they were police officers) and getting violent with the crowd. A video taken from a witness’s cell phone at one point shows an officer taking a young woman into a chokehold. The Davis Police reported that it was obvious they were police officers, but they do not appear to be wearing badges on the film, and from their regular clothing it is apparent that anyone could have taken them as simply violent people that they needed to defend themselves against.

Witnesses have also come forward and corroborated that the people arrested and charged did not start this fight. Witnesses said that the crowd was upset that the police nearly ran them over and began arguing with them, but the police began the violence when they got out of the vehicle and began attacking people.

Four young men and one young woman have been charged in this case. For simply defending themselves against this attack, they are charged with felony assault likely to produce great bodily harm against a police officer and felony resisting arrest with force. Meanwhile, the officers involved are facing no charges and have faced no repercussions. They are still on active duty.

This petition hereby calls on the Yolo County District Attorney to drop all charges against Elijah Williams, Antwoine Perry, Angelica Reyes, Alexander Craver, and Iszir Price to be dropped immediately.

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