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Yogaglo: Stop Suppressing Free-Speech and Free-Use of Yoga and Fitness Information

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You might know about Yogaglo - a company that has an online subscription yoga platform. You might also have heard about Yogaglo’s questionable business practices and aggressive cease & desist campaign that incited public outcry last year. Many media outlets covered it, such as Washington Post, Yoga International, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Elephant JournalYoga Weekly - culminating in a petition with over 14,000 signatures - urging them to stop these unethical tactics. Eventually, Yogaglo forfeited their claims, implying their behavior would stop.  

However, this was clearly not the case. Many smaller companies are now being targeted by Yogaglo as they initiate yet another campaign of bullying to suppress the open exchange of ideas fundamental to a religious practice such as Yoga. Instead of a ridiculous patent, now Yogaglo is using their trademarks as a weapon to threaten others.

One organization being targeted is a small start-up, HeartGLO Inc., despite the fact they are clearly not a commercial competitor with their product - a holistic health tracker for iOS. HeartGLO has vocalized their disappointment and highlighted concerns related to free-speech, free-use, cultural appropriation, and freedom of religion in their Open Letter to Yogaglo. Even though Yogaglo's case is based on the false premises that 1) this company is a competitor and 2) their name would cause a "likelihood of confusion" for customers - they have threatened expensive legal maneuvers and delays with the hope of using their bottomless legal budget to strong-arm their way to a "win."

But it doesn't stop with HeartGLO - Yogaglo has made other attempts to silence The Glow Effect, a holistic and mindful self-help book, and Glow Dash, a night-time fitness event. Clearly they not only intend to exclude anyone from using the suffix "glo" or "glow" - but to stifle exchange of any and all fitness content. The Yogaglo corporation is appropriating a spiritual practice for profit while simultaneously claiming rights that they are not entitled to. Based on Yogaglo's pattern of litigiousness, companies using "Yoga" or "Fitness" in their business name would be their logical next targets.

Please support in generating community awareness about this issue - as it has crucial implications for all of us culturally, economically, and ethically. Take a stand against this inequity. We're confident that with the help of key supporters like you - we can create enough momentum to stop this unethical, anti-yogic behavior once and for all.  

The health & wellness community is already voicing immense disapproval. Join the conversation on social media: #yogaforall


*Image used without explicit permission from HeartGLO's website, though they have stated in their open letter that their content can be shared.

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