Treat BLACKPINK better

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We, BLINKS, are disappointed at YG Entertainments unfair treatment and indifferent attitude toward BLACKPINK and BLINKS wishes. We, BLINKS all over the world, make it clear that we are even considering a boycott if there is no feedback on the requests and detailed mention of plan for BLACKPINK. We will not tolerate this anymore, when will you realize this cannot go on forever? 

Here are only some of our wishes

1. A full album alongside atleast 2 comebacks every year to make gaps between comebacks as short as possible.

2. Have BLACKPINK attend more award shows.

3. Give them a better stylist 

4. Freedom to write and/or compose their own songs

5. Proper promotions of albums and solos in Korea

We sincerely wish you do not overlook our wishes and desires like all the other times. Please set concrete plans for BLACKPINK.