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YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun-suk: Don't disband Team B! Both teams deserve to debut!

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 UPDATE: It's official. Team A is WINNER. But I am not happy. How can I be happy when Team B has lost and YG intends to disband them? Please keep signing everyday! Don't give up hope! We have to keep signing so YG can hear us! We DON'T want him to disband Team B, and we DON'T want him to change the members!








While we fans spend each and everyday growing more attached to Team A and Team B we also grow more apprehensive that our favored group won't see the light of day.

I myself am an aspiring American K-Pop entertainer. K-Pop is my specialty. Ever since the first day I heard a K-Pop song, I’ve had a connection with it that I do not have with American music or any other kind of music for that matter. One day, I hope to work alongside my favorite idols in the Korean Entertainment industry, doing everything from being a backup dancer, to being a choreographer, to being a songwriter, music producer, MV director; everything!

But the road I have chosen to take is not an easy one. It’s very daunting at times, to the point where I am overwhelmed by the pressure of my own self-inflicted expectations. My family doesn’t support my dream; they are not fans of K-Pop. In fact, no one besides me here in my hometown is a fan of K-Pop. Whenever I play Korean music aloud, I am usually greeted with comments such as:

That’s horrible

That’s so gay

You have terrible taste in music

I am not Korean. I am of mixed heritage. So it is understandable why so many people question my love of Korean music and my desire to assimilate myself as a respectable and established person in the Korean Entertainment industry. At times, I am ashamed to admit, that I feel my dream too difficult to attain; that no matter how hard I try, I will always just be a baboon reaching for the moon’s reflection in the water or a horse trying to become a unicorn.

But thanks to WIN and Team A and Team B, that sentiment has been pushed into the deepest depths in the back of my mind.

From the moment I started watching WIN, I was hooked. It’s an incredible show.  Each episode has left me in amazement. Team A and B are comprised of just trainees yet to me, these two groups are some of the most talented idols around.

Throughout the show, we’ve seen how these kids have given up everything in pursuit of their dreams. They’ve given up being able to see their families regularly; seeing their families now is a heart touching luxury. Some have even given up their studies at school so as to focus their full efforts and attention towards perfecting their respective crafts.

Seeing these boys’ trials and tribulations, from having to deal with their own constant self-doubts and insecurities, to having to perform in front of Korea’ s most powerful leaders and entertainers, my own struggles immediately paled in comparison.  After watching each episode of WIN over and over, I couldn’t allow myself to succumb to defeat by my own hands. Each and every member of Team A and B are complete inspirations to me. I have grown attached to each and every one of them, and that’s why I have started this page.

Ever since Papa YG announced his intention of disbanding the losing team of WIN, the K-Pop world has been abuzz with confusion, shock, anger, hate and sadness. The mere thought of YG throwing away such talent is unfathomable.  Why would Papa YG do this to us? Have us grown so attached to both teams with the intention of breaking one team’s heart as well as all the hearts of that team’s fans?

It doesn’t matter if you favor Team A or Team B. No one can deny that both teams deserve to debut. Each team is unique and possesses their own endearing qualities that will make them stand out from both each other, as well as every other idol group in K-Pop. Each team would be a fine addition to YG Family, but it seems Papa YG intends to only allow one team has their dream come to fruition.

We the fans CANNOT allow that to happen. Yang Hyun Suk has said that he will disband the losing team so as to keep a promise he made to the public. He made that promise himself; none of the fans asked him to disband the losing team. Papa YG has gained a bit of a notorious reputation for not keeping his promises. Promises we the fans wanted him to keep. So why is he intending to keep a promise no one wants him to keep?

We must unite our efforts and change YG’s mind. We must combine our efforts and make YG make a new promise to us; to NOT disband the losing team! Whichever team loses has their debut pushed back, but they will NOT be disbanded, and they will NOT be leaving YG! Together we can make this happen!If thousands of us show YG that we want both teams to debut then I'm sure he will change his mind!


 I am doing this because these boys have inspired me to keep my dream alive. They have inspired me to work 100 times harder to achieve my goal. I am doing this because I love each and every one of them and I do not want to see either brotherhood broken up after they have gone through so much! I am doing this because I want to be able to meet them someday and say to them with a tear in my eye and a grin on my face “You changed my life.”


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