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Recently, a Change.org petition was started that objected to the use of the word tribe to refer to the group of Yeti cycle owners and enthusiasts. We understand where they're coming from, and we support native peoples and their struggle for social justice and equality. However, we believe this is an over-correction of political correctness, and the usage by Yeti fans does not diminish the struggle of native peoples in any way whatsoever. Please look at the following definition of the word. 

tribe (plural tribes)

  1.  A socially, ethnically, or politically cohesive group of people.
  2. (anthropology) A society larger than a band but smaller than a state        1. (zoology) A group of apes who live and work together.
  3. The collective noun for various animals.
  4. (taxonomy) A hierarchal rank between family and genus.
  5. (stock breeding) A family of animals descended from some particular female progenitor, through the female line. E.g., the Dutchess tribe of shorthorns


Yeti tribe members see themselves under the anthropological definition. The word tribe does not belong to any one group of people. We are all part of various tribes; since the dawn of humans and into perpetuity. We ask the original petitioner to not create artificial divisions where none have existed, but instead to come together under common goals of humanity. We are all tribes!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Yeti Cycles and nor do I represent them in any fashion. The views in this petition are solely of my own and those who agree with them by signing this petition.