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Remove Ed Boks as Director of Yavapai Humane Society

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Ed Boks has proven to be a sadist when it comes to the welfare and treatment of the animals in his care.  He has demanded that the trainers and behaviorists at the Yavapai Humane Society use the controversial training tactics of Robert Cabral.  Mr. Cabral hung a dog named Nacho by the leash to demonstrate how he deals with a misbehaving dog.  This is NOT TRAINING, this is sanctioned abuse and does not accomplish intended goal of training.  Rather, it is used to break the dogs spirit while being cruel.  

Since when is cruelty accepted at a humane society?

Since Ed Boks was hired as the director, he has ordered euthanazia of highly adoptable dogs AFTER they successfully completed their training.  Why?  Only Ed knows the answer to that question.  He has proven to not have the animals best interest at heart.  Ed needs to go.   

Why would the board of directors keep this sadist on the payroll when he clearly is costing the shelter money by paying trainers to do their jobs, only to kill the dog after training is completed?  Meet Adson Brown.  He was euthanized after completing training-

Why would Ed Boks allow dogs in his care to be abused in such a way that horrifies on lookers?  If he had nothing to hide, why not show the video of Nacho's training segment of Robert Carbal hanging the dog by the leash?

Ed Boks has been removed from his position at several other shelters across the country because he is incompetent and unfit to run a shelter.  He has also been accused of sexual harassment and the city settled the suit out of court to the tune of $130.000.

Ed Boks has run off two fantastic behaviorists who had 100% adoption rate due to their excellent training skills.  He is now bringing in an inexperienced trainer, who is also affiliated with breeding of Pitbulls.  That makes no sense whatsoever, since pitbulls are the number one dogs occupying shelters nationwide.  

By signing this petition, you are DEMANDING that Ed Boks be removed from his postition as Director of the Yavapai Humane Society IMMEDIATELY for abuse of power and cruelty to animals.   


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