Formal Petition to Declare and Observe Yancey County as a Second Amendment Sanctuary

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In order to preserve the Rights of the People of Yancey County, this petition has been organized in the wake of Virginia’s recently proposed SB16 and SB64—state proposed gun control legislation banning many semi automatic firearms, outlawing firearm training, and more. In just over two months the citizens of Virginia have assembled, petitioned, and declared over one hundred counties, towns, and cities—far over half of the State itself—Second Amendment Sanctuaries to oppose the aforementioned bills, which are nothing less than blatant transgressions against the Right to Bear Arms. Already, counties in nine other states have began declaring themselves Second Amendment Sanctuaries, and have established ordinances protecting this Right of the People. I hope to make Yancey County the first Second Amendment Sanctuary in North Carolina. Signing and supporting this petition will tell Yancey County’s local government that their constituents would see this declaration and ordinance have validity by nullifying any and all unconstitutional gun control legislation pressed by North Carolina’s state government and/or the United States federal government up to and including: magazine capacity restrictions, assault weapons bans, ammunition bans, soft and hard armor bans, suppressor bans, bans on firearm accessories, and any other legislation restricting the right of the individual to keep and bear arms, which, with the true intention of the US Constitution, are considered ordinary implements of a soldier used for offense and defense—this includes armor, thermal equipment, night vision, firearms, and much more. This is an imperative step in our endeavors to preserve our Life and Liberty, and express to our elected officials with our First Amendment Right the measures we wish to be taken to preserve our heritage, our history, and our sacred honor as Americans.