Yale unfairly fires Asian American for speaking the truth. We demand her reinstatement.

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Attacks on Asian Americans went up 833% in New York City and 150% around the country last year.  Calling Covid-19 a “Chinese virus” or “Kung flu” has had the predictable result of worsening attacks on all Asian Americans.


Dr. Bandy Lee is not only a target of Asian-American hate, but a psychiatrist-professor who warned against these dangers.  She was recently fired from Yale for her attempts to protect the public.  She was accused of unethically “diagnosing” those she deemed dangerous to the nation (even though warning about danger is not technically a diagnosis).  Remarkably, her White male colleagues who actually diagnosed some of the same people did not face any consequences.  Here is the difference: their diagnosis helped the dangerous people stay in power, whereas she challenged them.



Dr. Lee should be honored, not punished.  Many of her colleagues agree with her.  We petition that minority women be treated the same as their White male counterparts, and that Yale not single her out but reinstate her.


We are all products of our environment.  This is a critical time for universities like Yale to show themselves a positive example that students can be proud of, and future dreamers hold hope that it stands for justice and fairness also for people of color, women, and educators.