Meghan Markle & Just Harry, please stop flooding American press.

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Meghan Markle and just Harry complained that they wanted privacy in the UK.  They also claimed that they were not thriving and the press caused them so much distress, so they went to Canada.  Nobody is quite sure what Canada did to them, but since then, they have descended upon the paparazzi hotspot of Los Angeles.  It's a bit concerning how they have already defied the stay at home orders to deliver a couple of bags of food without gloves and proper masks, putting people at more risk (not to mention their son) in that small amount of time.  On top of that, is the irony that the paparazzi managed to show up to nab photos of them doing their charity work, walking the dog, etc., and security footage of the deeds and interviews held with the people who had food personally delivered by them, made their way to the press and internet.  (Without them being sued!) It is miraculous that paparazzi did not photograph them for nearly 2 years in the UK and within 2 weeks, they are photographed multiple times here.  The pair do not have jobs and their son wasn't born here.  Do they have citizenship? What on earth are they doing here? One would think that they were volunteering near where Meghan's mom lives. Were they helping her dad's side or other family members?  No, they were helping perfect strangers Miles away from where they are posted, to boost a charity for someone with deep pockets.  Trump said that they would be paying for their own security, but how are they affecting the local police department's schedules and staff?  More concerning is the fact that they wanted PRIVACY, PRIVACY, PRIVACY! But for some peculiar reason, every time Americans look at the news, the internet, magazines, etc., we have to look at their faces.  Why? Sunshine Sachs (their PR firm - whom they .pay. for - and who have represented Michael Jackson and Harvey Weinstein) seem to be working feverishly around the clock to keep them in the news every single day, spinning up articles, and confusing the public because there is just a blitz every single day. Today was the icing on the cake, though, that 'maybe' they will post a picture of their son for his birthday.  In case you have not read the comments on any of the articles on the internet (because you don't read that stuff or look at twitter), we will lay it out plainly for you here: PEOPLE ARE DYING.  WE ARE STUCK INSIDE.  OUR LIVES HAVE BEEN SEVERELY DISRUPTED.  OUR FREEDOM HAS BEEN TAKEN.  OUR LIVELIHOOD HAS COME TO A HALT.  YOU ARE INSIGNIFICANT IN ALL OF THIS. WE DO NOT CARE WHAT YOU DO, WHAT HOUSE YOU BUY, WHAT $400 SWEATS YOU WEAR, IF YOU FELT HELPLESS, IF HARRY IS FEELING HOMESICK, "IF" YOU SHOULD POST A PIC OF ARCHIE, etc.  AGAIN, PEOPLE ARE DYING AND WE ARE ALL TRYING TO MAKE THE BEST OF LIFE RIGHT NOW.  WE WOULD APPRECIATE YOU GIVING AMERICANS SOME REST FROM YOU IN THE PRESS.  You are NOT someone that we are enthralled with at this moment in time, and possibly, not ever.  Get a job, pick up a hobby, hone a craft, figure out your gameplan for being the middle man to deep pockets and becoming an authoritative and revered world power, figure out which red carpet you'll be walking on - even if it's a bathroom rug, take a quote class, so that you can come up with clever comebacks and post them in fancy font on Instagram, take a real calligraphy class so that when your letters are leaked, it will look even better, figure out how to monetize every outfit that you wear, even if we aren't allowed outside, how to keep pushing your political agendas as you rub elbows with people whom you feel are important because of their bank accounts, albeit while you continue to be at odds with your family, dragging them through a horrific court battle for no good damned reason.  The very thing which you want .so. desperately to be away from, you .pay. to put yourself into, IF it's framed to make you look good.  (Eerily, Hitler, too, censored everything.)  What you don't realize is that we (and there are many of us) at the receiving end of this, is that we don't want to see or hear anything more.  We've had enough already.