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Shohei Ohtani is ONE person; DO NOT split him into TWO fantasy players

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In December 2017, Yahoo! product director Guy Lake announced his decision to have "double Ohtanis," meaning that if you want to accrue Shohei Ohtani’s hitting and pitching stats, you’re going to have to draft him twice, once as a pitcher and then again as a hitter. 

That really sucks!  This petition is to get Yahoo to PLEASE change their decision. 

Please provide commissioners a secondary option for Ohtani to only require 1 roster spot as a DH/SP.  Even if it's only an option for private leagues, that would be better than nothing.

Having two different fantasy players to represent the one real-world Ohtanis is lazy and idiotic.  I have had two Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball leagues for 15+ years.  We are considering leaving Yahoo! and switching to another fantasy baseball website as a result of Yahoo's awful decision.  

According to Baseball America, ESPN will be using (and Yahoo considered) a Super Ohtani option in which he would have eligibility as both a hitter and a pitcher, with the ability to toggle back and forth. The catch there was that Ohtani would never be able to accumulate stats on both sides of the ball simultaneously.  This is a far superior option. 



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