YAC! Please Respect Artist's Copyright & Moral Rights Now!

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If you believe in human rights, if you believe in the transformative power of culture, in the rule of law, and that those in power ought to be held responsible for their actions, then please read, and sign this petition.

A gallery in Northern Canada, The Yukon Arts Centre Public Art Gallery, has exhibited my work without my written permission, verbal consent, and under the name of another Artist. This is a NO! NO! For more information please click here

By doing this I say the Yukon Arts Centre Public Art Gallery has violated both my moral rights and copyright under the Canadian Copyright Act. Moral rights exist to protect the integrity of an Artist’s work. Copyright enables an Artist, or the copyright holder, to derive economic benefit from their work.

Internationally Artists moral rights are protected under Article 27.2 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights: here Within Canada Artists moral rights and copyright are protected under section 3 and 14.1 of the Canadian Copyright Act: here

In Canada, Artists are compensated for the use of their work in publicly funded spaces through a fee schedule called the Carfac Fee Schedule here  These spaces include Public Art Galleries and qualifying Artist Run Centres. Complying with Copyright Law is both a moral and legal obligation.

I am currently suing the Yukon Arts Centre to hold them publicly accountable for their actions. Please join me!

The Yukon Arts Centre admits that they used elements of my work, but simultaneously they choose to protect themselves by denying that they have violated my moral rights or copyright. I find this defense contradictory and disingenuous. It would appear that the careful system of checks and balances that exist to regulate what is, and what is not, shown at the Yukon Arts Centre Public Art Gallery has failed.

Please urge the Yukon Arts Centre to respect Artists Moral Rights and Copyright. Please demand an audit of the Yukon Arts Centre by the Canada Council for the Arts, the Yukon Government’s Department of Finance and the Yukon Government’s Department of Tourism and Culture to find out how this could happen. Please identify, reprimand, and if necessary remove those people responsible for these acts. Let the Yukon Arts Centre’s sponsors know of your disapproval of this human rights violation. Do this in the interests of honesty, transparency, and accountability.