Fair Fees for General Practitioners

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YAB Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad, Prime Minister of Malaysia and the Government of Malaysia


Fair Fees for General Practitioners


In the year 1992, exactly 27 years ago, the Malaysian Medical Association recommended that GP fees for consultation was rm10 to rm35.

After years of negotiation and impact studies, the government in 2013 had approved the adjustment of GP fees to a range of rm30 to rm125 in the 13th Fee Schedule which is used in the Private Hospitals. However the GP fees in the 7th Fee Schedule was missed out.


Upon noticing the anomaly in 2015, The Malaysian Medical Association had suggested to incorporate the approved RM30-RM125 and that the range of fees be subdivided into simple rm30 to 50 (simple), rm51 to 80 (moderate) and rm81-125 (complex) which usually takes 45 to 60 minutes.

Due to administrative reasons, the approval is yet to be gazetted till today.

Endless stakeholders meetings, consultations, impact analysis including presentations to the Pakatan Government, the Malaysian cabinet and the NACCOL ( National Council of Living Costs) were carried out and the current decision by the Government is still pending. Hundreds of man hours & resources were spent to address a simple administrative anomaly.


27 years ago, a GP clinic could be sustained with the bare minimum in shoplots and some even in houses with staff wages, rental, utilities and other essentials at manageable levels.

Today, every expense of maintaining a GP clinic had risen multiple times, some by a factor of up to even 10 times or more.

Increasingly GP clinics are subjected to more and more compliance issues with regards to local and national regulations and Act of Parliament.

The Private healthcare Facilities and services Act 2006 are among the 54 Acts and regulations that Clinics had to comply increasing costs to an unsustainable levels.

In the last 5 years, nearly 500 clinics had closed and many surviving clinics find it a daily challenge to survive.


It is high quality, accessible GP services with reasonable sustainable fees that the 7000+ private GP clinics are striving to provide. This in turn complements the Public system offering an alternative healthcare and easing the burden of Government health clinics that is bursting at its seams.

It is also critical that in the long term, the private GP system is not only able to sustain but to offer more comprehensive care for the public.


In turn, this will improve community health and cost effectiveness of how we utilise healthcare across the spectrum of all socio- economic strata and public affordability.

It had been presented endless times in the past to the government, public and stakeholders that by adjusting GP fees, the Total encounter fees including drugs, blood tests etc would be minimally impacted due to decrease in drugs cross subsidies as well as free market forces.

However this adjustment is essential and life saving to GP practices due to the unsustainable costs burden of GP's practice today.


We urge that everyone, please help the GPs to keep their practices sustainable and continue to provide better services for the public and Nation. The GP practices contributes to the GDP of the country and creates employment for more than 30,000 staff and their families. The market size is RM5 billion annually.


We urge the Prime Minister and the Government of Malaysia to approve GP fees adjustment without further delay and be fair to the GPs, a system that had been providing affordable public healthcare for the last 50 years since the birth of this Nation.

Justice Delayed is Justice denied.


Malaysian Medical Association.

21st November 2019