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Stop "I Didn't Kill My Baby" by Laura Schupbach Ouellette

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This book was written by Laura Schupbach Oullette and published by Xulon Press/ which claims to be a Christian Publishing Company. For days, Corrine Baker ignored pleas for help from her 4-year-old son as he was tortured by her live-in boyfriend Brandon Hayes. This book claims she isn't (Corrine Baker) responsible for young Dominick Calhoun's death because she didn't physically harm the child herself. Also she (Corrine Baker) doesnt seem to except responsibilty for her son's death. But she didn't stop it or call the police and allowed it to continue for four days even left the home to go shopping and sell drugs. On two occasions on April 9, friends and family members who saw burns and bruises on Dominick urged Baker to get help. Corrine Baker allegedly told them she couldn’t because she feared police would think she abused the boy or arrest her for violating her probation by moving. Baker allegedly also said she would not take Dominick to the hospital for fear of Child Protective Services getting involved. This beautiful four year old child died after four days of torture. Now Corrine Baker gets this book written by Laura Schupbach Ouellette and published by Xulon Press Claiming she is sorry and to me seems she just wants sympathy and how she's a better person now.  Its a shame that there is a profit being made on this. Also "I Didn't Kill My Baby" is an insult to Dominick Calhoun's death. Here is the link to that is selling this book  . This is a review about the book from a family member of Dominick about this book (Corrine had plenty of time to take Dominick away from that aparatment Brandon had to sleep sometime. Plus, she refused to take Dominick to the Dr. when her Family came and picked her up after she saw that he had been burned. Too Little, Too Late!
Our family does not appreciate this book being written without our knowledge and for the writers gain of money. Please do not buy this book. Do not let them profit off of our families loss........) She (Corrine Baker) is currently serving a 13 to 30 year prison sentence for 2nd Degree child abuse, 2nd Degree Murder, and Controlled Subs-Del/Man, Sched 1,2,3 except Marijuana/Cocaine. Here is a link to her Michigan Department of Corrections web page Here is the link to Brandon Hayes (The Boyfriend who tortured and killed Dominick Calhoun) Michigan Department of Corrections webpage He is currently serving a life prison sentence for Controlled Substance-Possess Analogues, Controlled Substance-Delivery/Manufacture Marijuana, Assault with Intent of Great Bodily Harm Less than Murder, Homicide - Murder, Second Degree, Child Abuse 1st Degree, and Torture. Here's a link to a Flint Journal Article covering the only good thing that came out of this tragic death which was passage of "Dominick's Law" which makes it a crime not to report child abuse Here is a link to Dominick's Law's Facebook pages!/DominicksWarriors?fref=ts and!/DominicksLaw?fref=ts . I would like to see that this book no longer be sold or published and that no one buys any books published by Xulon Press until they pull this book. Corrine Baker could have prevented her childs death and deserves no sympathy or pity because she is serving 13 years in prison when it should be a LIFE SENTENCE.... Now as Xulon Press has no posted email address here is a link to their Facebook page!/xulonpress/info and their address and phone number. Please post on their Facebook page that you want this book pulled. Write them, call them and let them know you will Boycott all books published by them until this book is stopped. Also that any profits that have been made from this book be donated to a non-profit child abuse organization fund. Also leave comments about what you think about this when you sign it and share this on your facebook timeline. Send it to your facebook friends so we can get more supporters of this. Also boycott any book stores or businesses that sell this book. So maybe we can at least get some of the book store chains not to sell this book.

UPDATE 3/6/2013 So this petition has been getting some press. The author of this book did two over the phone interviews on March 5th, 2013. The first one with Lori Dougovito from ABC 12 NEWS the author is quoted as saying that part of the profits are gonna be used to help women like corrine baker trasitition from prison also when asked if corrine would recieve any money from book wouldn't give a clear answer. The same day she did an interview with gary ridley of the flint journal. In this interview she states that Corrine Baker is recieving no money from the book. Also that she is still praying what to do with the profits from the book. Two interviews the same day, two stories. Seems FISHY... Also the author claims she Ministered to corrine and is a christian. So why in one interview is only part of the profits going to help women transition from prison and not all of them. Also in the flint journal article the author states the book is really about dominick so why aren't all profits going to an anti-child abuse organization???? Now on the good side as of Tuesday March 5th we only had 20 signatures at 7am. As of Wensday march 5th at 11pm we have over 500 signatures. So lets keep it going continue to share this petition.

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