[Mi Unlock Tool] Current account is not bound to this device - error code 86006

[Mi Unlock Tool] Current account is not bound to this device - error code 86006

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We have more than 110 Confirmations regarding this 86006 Bug, but still, Xiaomi Admin Team is ignoring it!!! It has almost past 2 months, yet no Official announcement regarding this Bug, no ETA when this Bug is gonna fix!!! So we are really stuck here and not able to UNLOCK THE BOOTLOADER of RN5P and if you are also facing this similar 86006 Bug and want to confirm, please confirm it here - BUG REPORT! Thanks for your participation and support!

Cannot unlock the bootloader.
Message: 86006

Steps to reproduce:
Cannot unlock the bootloader.
Using MI unlock tool
Logging with the same account on phone and pc
Find device is turned on mobile.

Message: 86006 Current account is not bound to this device

Some comments direct from the Mi Official Forum about 86006 issue - 

Account ID is visible directly by opening any user's profile. Its hard to believe why Bug team is asking for it explicitly in the thread. Can't you just get the IDs of the Users who have confirmed this issue?

This also indicates a fail attempt to keep people engaged in anticipation while doing nothing behind the scenes to actually solve the error. Got update today and that too has this dreaded 86006 error.

To all Xiaomi people, would you please make an announcement that you are never going to fix this issue? So that we can move ahead selling this device and purchase a Motorola device where unlocking can be done in a matter of seconds.

- rajat.patel

I have the same issue (86006 error) on my Redmi 5 plus. 

I tried to unlock the bootloader on the MUIU,, (It's an official global stable ROM) - and for that moment I can't unlock. The time left about 2 months or more when will fix this issue? Thanks.

- mark777931

Xiaomi is really shooting itself in the foot with this frustrating unlocking process,, If the unlocking was simple & fast like OnePlus,, then the Dev team could focus on improving MIUI rather than keep trying to solve unlocking error issues..
And because of this frustration,, many MI users won't buy another Xiaomi phone,, I know I won't.

- EnigmAnurag

N.B. Hope this Bug will fix soon so that we can use this Beast and unlock its real potential.