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One sided policies from Smartphone brands

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I recently had an issue in my 6 months old Redmi Note 3 32GB model, where my screen used to blackout while playing videos. The screen would also become non-responsive to power key or fingerprint sensor for 5-10 minutes. There was another issue of slow charging of phone taking about (3-4 hours) to completely charge my phone from 0% and the phone records heat upto 45+ degrees C.

On April 24th 2017, I approached Mumbai's Malad West Mi service center TVS Electronics stating this issue, where they reflashed my device with their latest software and replaced my USB port as a solution to this problem. Right after 2 days, the same issue tend to happen, same heating issue, same screen blackouts with Gmail notifications turning off on random basis.

So I revisit on 26th April, 2017 and waited for 2 hours in service center to report my issue, where they checked my phone for any dents and formatted my phone as a solution the reported issues. Issue assumed as resolved and blaming their software bugs I departed from there. I reported the issue to their customer care where I demanded for a replacement or refund, but as per their policies where they can entertain replacement or refund only 7 days from days of purchase where 2 days are taken for shipment.

I told them to mail me the policies so that I can read and understand them well, customer care denies and mails me just to submit the device and said to have raised issue by provided me what they an incident ID

Note: The phone was formatted and still persists the issue.

On April 28, 2017, I visited for same issue and presented incident ID I got from Mi mail, again the same story reformatted the phone (without any jobsheet logging) with a small dent on grid where touch-screen and back panel get fit in (bottom right corner), I told them to give me in writing that the part was damaged while servicing the phone, this is because they have a "policy" that the warranty of the phone will be void if phone has any liquidated or physical damages anywhere or even any scratches on device. They denied and demanded that if you want in writing you have to pay ₹115 as I am denying my mistake. I read their terms and conditions on Customer Information Form where they did not mention any charges or amount as such.

I hereby start this petition for one sided mobile policies and literally looting people by any means possible. Who uses a phone such that no scratches or dents are happening for atleast one year? We pay you money to use phones not to keep them in showcase for display. Also, companies with such policies these days sell their accessories like screen guards and protective cases separately to boost sales.

Also, I wish this step to tend to stop such one sided win policy for many electronics and other sector companies.




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