Disable anti roll back requested

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Anti rollback has made our phone and life change 180 degrees .That feature is one of the most dumbest things xiaomi give to their user . It is useless, waste of money , motherboard , new phone to exchange with "bricked user" . They thought it could block user from install ROM cook and "rollback" to older miui version , which is user life and interest . They made people ( user and developer ) lost believe in newer mi phones , which can also have that "anti" , it will block them from playing with the phone and testing new things . As i know , xiaomi sold less phones in this month , thanks to that "anti " .

Not all xiaomi user living near the xiaomi services center . If they accidently bricked their phone , there is no chance for fix it as services center is too far away and enable EDL mode is too dangerous and risk of phone-die-completely chance . I have talked with a xiaomi-bricked user , he is Brazilian , he couldn't fix his phone as there are no services center in Brazil , he tried EDL mode but still could't flash because of his xiaomi account unauthorized . He finally unbricked it few days ago. Xiaomi does the authoration action too slow and it makes bad affected to user

So , i , honestly , want you , xiaomi , disable that anti rollback and give a chance for unanthorized xiaomi account user to unbrick their phones . We applied to the xiaomi web , waiting everyday to see our accounts authorized , but its too slow . Also if you can let us access to EDL mode easier, the testpoint way just too hard , risk and dangerous  . Please do both of our request !

The whole mi user community will really thankful for your action on disable that feature


UPDATE : If you ( xiaomi ) can just make freely option for enable roll back or disable it , we will really greatful for your incredible action . This petition has nearly 1000 people supported , thats mean they want to have chance in protect their phones from anti rollback and bricked from some "unpredicted" action .

#noantirollback #giveuserfreechoice #freedomtime #wewantfreedomexperience