Urgent Appeal for Unconditional Release of Liu Xiaobo

Urgent Appeal for Unconditional Release of Liu Xiaobo

1 July 2017
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Xi Jinping
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We, the undersigned, are alarmed to learn that Mr Liu Xiaobo, the renowned literary critic, human rights activist and the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate who was originally imprisoned in Jinzhou Jail of Liaoning Province, has been diagnosed with terminal liver cancer. He was subsequently granted permission to access medical treatment outside of prison and is currently hospitalized in Liaoning at the First Affiliated Hospital of the China Medical University. According to reliable sources close to his family, Mr Liu is now gravely ill and the cancer has metastasized.

Mr Liu is the first Chinese national to be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize to honour his three decades of struggle for basic human rights on behalf of his fellow countrymen. We admire Mr Liu for his endurance and sacrifice. We are deeply saddened and angered by his falling severely ill in prison. We therefore demand the Chinese Government to:

  1. Release Mr Liu unconditionally so that he and his wife Liu Xia can resume normal contacts with the outside world;
  2. Guarantee Mr Liu the freedom to choose where and what medical treatment to be received;
  3. Guarantee the rights of Mr Liu to receive visits and communication from family and friends, and to receive humanitarian assistance from the outside world;
  4. Disclose in full Mr Liu’s medical records during imprisonment and investigate thoroughly the cause of the deterioration of his health, so that those who are responsible for the delay in offering him timely medical treatment will be held accountable.

* This petition was initiated by a group of 08 Charter signatories within China. 08 Charter was the document calling for democratic reform in China which landed Mr. Liu Xiaobo in jail. For the Chinese original of the petition, please see: https://goo.gl/sRWi9L





  1. 无条件释放刘晓波先生,恢复他及其妻子刘霞与外界的正常联系;
  2. 保障刘晓波先生自由选择就医方式、就医地点的自由;
  3. 保障刘晓波先生亲人、朋友的探视、交流权利和外界的人道协助权利;
  4. 如实公布刘晓波先生狱中身体健康记录,彻查导致刘晓波先生健康状况恶化的病因,追究导致刘晓波先生错过医治最佳时机的相关人员责任。

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This petition had 42,963 supporters

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