End the Yulin dog meat festival for good

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*Warning: disturbing content*

The Yulin Dog Meat Festivial is a 10 day event that takes place in China every year, from June 21st-30th, with the illegal dog meat trade. The tradition of eating dog meat in China has existed for around 400 years, but the awful ‘festivial’ started in 2009 to mark the summer solstice, and is thought by the people that eat it to bring good luck and health to them as a result. Whilst respecting Chinese culture and beliefs, even people in China oppose dog eating festivals and the practice in general, as well as the majority across the globe.

During this ‘celebration’, dogs are stolen from their homes and loving families and mercilessly slaughtered. After being captured, they then face a long, hot journey in an enclosed tiny space where they cannot even move, with no food or water for days either, and many die of startvation or dehydration as a consequence.

Furthermore, the way in which they are slaughtered is worse than you could ever imagine: dogs are boiled and set on fire, skinned, torn up, cut open with chainsaws and smashed with hammers, ALL WHILST THE INNOCENT CREATURES ARE ALIVE. Even worse than this is that this is all for public viewing, INTENTIONALLY in front of the other dogs to create distress and fear as they believe the more scared they are when killed, the better the meat will be! I cannot explain how much this sickens me.

In the 2011 festival, more than 15,000 dogs were slaughtered in the period of 10 days. 100 slaughter houses exist in Yulin, where around 2,000 dogs are killed everyday! 

A deeply horrific 5-day crackdown occured in 2006. This was where anyone seen on the street seen walking their pet dog would be stopped and the dog would immediately be beaten to death there and then in front of the owner. If you have one, imagine this happening to you and your dog; I know I can’t even begin to. 50,000 of them died in those 5 short days.


Looking for an image to attatch to this petition really made me see the awful reality of this, and if you still do not oppose this sickening ‘celebration’ you can see the evidence for yourself. Every single image is awful, if this was happening to humans it would be a different matter and that’s wrong. These intelligent, loyal, sensitive, protective, cuddly, kind animals do not deserve any of this, and do not even have a voice to cry out with. But I do. And I wont stop until the Yulin Dog Meat Festival ends no mater how long it takes, and I need help to do so. Please help save the dogs, increase the pressure to the limit and stop this. If we win, 10-15,000 dogs will be saved every single year, and if we don’t more and more will continue suffering, being tortured and dying. As long as it goes on, so will our voices.

Dogs can be guide dogs, police dogs, therapy dogs, watch dogs, agility champions- they have so much potential and personality in their own individual ways.They are just like us, they are our bestfriends, they are part of our families. And we can’t let this continue to happen to them. Raise raise raise the pressure, sign the petitions, join the marches, participate in the events, donate, share petitions, start your own- you can make a difference. Shout out until the Yulin's People's Government and Guangxi's Autonomous Region's People's Congress Standing Committee hear us perfectly clearly. Stop this barbaric and immoral festival, and stop it for good.