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Ban Animal Testing In China

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ANIMAL TESTING is a huge issue all around the world. It has been banned in many countries e.g. UK, EU countries, USA and many more. A lot of countries recognise the importance of banning animal testing. It is cruel and inhumane and should be banned all around the world. Unfortunately, it is not. Animal testing continues to occur on daily basis and China is known for its cruelty towards animals. Although animal testing is reducing in China, how many animals have to suffer before animal testing is made illegal?

To ban animal testing in China would be a significant step to the disbandment of animal cruelty/testing organisations worldwide. China contributes to a large majority of animal testing products. By banning animal testing in China it would send a large message around the world and would dramatically speed up the end of animal testing.

By signing this petition you will not only encourage other people to support this cause you will also be standing up to stop the cruel treatment towards animals. Every signature is a significant step towards the ban of animal testing in China and potentially the world. Every signature matters. One signature can urge hundreds and hundreds can urge thousands. We need to speak up for those who can't and end this suffering. 

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