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Xena's Law - Pass legislation which recognises that animals are sentient beings. To say that animals are sentient is to state explicitly that they can experience both positive and negative emotions, including pain and distress.

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In July 2015 I had to make the heartbreaking decision to have my beautiful Xena put to sleep. She gave me nearly 18 years of joy for the small price of $60 from my local animal shelter. In her memory I would like to see change in animal welfare in Australia and I believe this is the first step in that journey. I am also a dedicated animal rights supporter and lover all of creatures great and small.

Expectations on animal welfare have been rapidly changing. In most part this is apparent and driven in Social Media and the public's outrage of penalties not being enforced or upheld in the justice system or do not fit the crime.This legislation will be in line with our nation's changing attitude on the status of animals in society.

Australia has one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world. About 63% of Australian households own pets. There are an estimated 33 million pets in Australia.

Dogs are the most common pet, with 39% of households owning a dog. There are estimated to be 4.2 million pet dogs in Australia; 19 dogs for every 100 people. Cats are the second most common pet, with 29% of households owning a cat. There are estimated to be 3.3 million pet cats in Australia; 15 cats for every 100 people.

In 2009 the total number of pet birds was approximately 8.1 million and in addition there were about 1.06 million other pets, including companion horses, rabbits, guinea pigs, reptiles and other small mammals.The pet population breakdown across the states and territories mirrors the countrys population distribution. New South Wales and Victoria account for 60% of all pets in Australia, and 59% of the country's human population. More than 1.1 million Australian households (14.9%) are planning to get a pet in the next 12 months. Pets were a normal part of childhood for more than 83% of Australians. Of the Australians who do not currently own a pet, 53% would like to do so in the future.RSPCA Article

What will this legislation do?

  • Each state has their own animal welfare laws and is managed by each state as there is no National Law. This legislation will align all states on animal welfare issues.
  • Animals will be viewed as living creatures rather than "things" or "objects".
  • It would add "more weight" to abuse and neglect cases in court. It will allow sterner penalties to be created and that obviously creates a deterrent for people to do those things. It will also help to enforce the current penalities to the full extinct of the law.
  • It will ban all and any animal testing in this country
  • It will provide for a penalty scheme to enable low-to-medium level offending to be dealt with more effectively, and gives animal welfare inspectors the power to issue compliance notices, among other measures.
  • It will ensure that no laws or programs can be passed in parliament that would allow the eradication of any animal such as the very recent program proposed by the Federal Government to eradicate 2 million cats with a fund of 3.6 million Feline Massacre.There are alternative methods that can be used to protect the native wildlife and the welfare of the animals. Get to the root cause of the problem, the irresponsible people who dumped the animals.

As Edgars Mission says "If we could live happy and healthy lives without harming others... why wouldn't we?"

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