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Appoint more women and minority representative on boards in the Equality State of Wyoming

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Dear Governor Mead: 

We, the undersigned, call for greater diversity and gender parity on appointed boards in the state of Wyoming. This is the Equality State, and you, the Governor of the Equality State, have the duty of appointing members of all sorts of boards and commissions that make decisions affecting all of the citizens of this state.

We note and call to your attention the dearth of women and minorities on the University of Wyoming’s Board of Trustees, in particular. Likewise, women and minorities are too absent from highly visible boards and task forces currently shaping UW's future, including the Engineering Task Force and the SER's Energy Resources Council. Women comprise about half of the Equality State’s population and own over a quarter of its business firms, according to Census data. Furthermore, women make up 54 percent of the UW student body. There is no legitimate reason for women or minorities to be so rarely appointed to these prominent state boards, and we call on you to redress this inequity.

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Marianne Kamp; Nicole Ballenger; Carole Frost; Frieda Knobloch; Cecilia Aragon; Colleen Denney; Jean Garrison; Tracey Patton; Jacqueline Leonard, Kristina Hufford, Christine Porter, Cheryl Wells, Reilly Dibner, Ulrich Adelt, Erin Abraham, Rhonda Young, Stacey Baker, Mark Chollak, Bonnie Zare, Sarah Strauss, Chian Jones Ritten, Jamie Egolf, Susanna Goodin, Bernice Berr-Wilkin, Kathryn Bouzis, Anne Alexander, Ursula Adelt, Christi Boggs, Rachel Watson, Cathi Carr-Lundfelt, Ahad Abdurahmanov, Susie Rauch, Ana Cuprill, Erin Kinney, A. M. Kleinsasser, Jenna Shim, Vickie Goodwin, Sylvia Parker, CylieAnn Erikson, Terry Allen, Devon O'Connell, Judith Ellsworth, Kathleen Rittle, Leslie Rush, Kay Persichitte, Patty Hansen, Brian Harrington, Baend Buus, Hakima Bessaih, Amy Pauli, Cathy Connolly, Dominic Martinez, Kathy Marquis, Bettina Sparrowe, Theresa Bogard, Dolores Cardona, Ellen Axtmann, Ana Houseal,  Pat McClurg, Lisa Owen, Donal O'Toole, Michael Duff, Donal Skinner, Douglas Edy, Craig Benkman, Marjorie MacGregor, Rickie Klages, David McDonald, Christiane Dechert, Mikey Tabak, Mariah Ehmke, Caroline Flesher-McCracken, Mary Naumann, Donna Barnes, Stephanie Anderson, Thomas Seitz, Beth Lofrreda, Narina Nunez, Ken Driese, D. Paul Thomas, Marilyn Engstrom, F Ritchie, Mary E. Burman, Diana Wiig, Evgeniy Panzhinskiy, Ava Bell, Merav Ben-David, Holly Dorst, Donna Bagby, Mary Wehunt, Patricia Colberg, Beth Buskirk, Haley Lanier, Charles DeWolf, Diane Kempson, Patricia Clarke, Mark Shelstad, Kari Morgan, Laurie Bonini, Michael Dillon, Karen Bartsch Estes, Bonnie Robertson, Lisa Muller, Cassandra Hunter, Fawna Hunt, Aryelle Young, Michelle Lorenz, Debbie Matthew, Jennifer Hess, Elizabeth Holder, Becky Pineda, Dustin Ryan, D. Ennete Larson-Meuer, Rodney P. Lang, Vince Proctor, Natalie Perkins, Harold Bergman, Pete Jorgenson, Jean Jorgensen

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