Important to allow graduating senior's father to attend Graduation and Senior Awards Night

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First of all, we are a country that follows the rule of being "innocent until proven guilty", and the case with Westside High School coach and teacher, Larry Cook, is no different. He has currently been suspended from work with pay, and if you know anything about the recent teacher conduct cases in Wyoming County, our board of education is not a generous one. It's a ludicrous idea to think they would suspend him with pay if they thought he were guilty of something, because this was not a luxury that was granted to any of the teachers in the other cases. Furthermore, this man has been investigated extensively without evidence of any wrongdoing, and if nothing is done, he will miss the senior awards night and graduation of his oldest son, Larry Joseph Cook. 

With that being said, this petition is in the effort to allow coach and teacher Larry Cook to attend his oldest son's senior awards night and graduation. The Wyoming County Board of Education needs to hear our voice on this particular issue  and lift the suspension, because no man deserves to miss such a crucial part in his child's life due to accusations that have proven to have no substance. Moreover, having talked to many of the children he's impacted, the man gets nothing but good reviews. From Frank Sammons, a fellow graduating senior and former football player under Coach Cook, said, “Coach Larry Cook took me in as one of his own, he was there for me if I needed anything, and he treated me like his own," and "he made me a better person and a better leader, and he really showed me how to put pride in everything I do and to never give up.” Additionally, Justin Cogar, whom is now a football player at Concord University, says, "He’s always been there for me and all of my former teammates and he still is to this day," and also "I’m thankful I was able to share great memories with Coach Cook through sports.” 

In the end, a man that has so well served his community and the people in it should also be supported by that very same community. Also, a man to which they cannot pin any legal fault should not be treated like a man convicted of a crime. Thus, in short, I ask that you sign for not only the man mentioned but also one of the young men he’s raising. Because for everything this one man has given us, a teacher, a coach, and a confidant for your kids, we should, at the very least work to grant him the well-deserved opportunity of attending his son’s senior awards night and graduation.

Further Comments Regarding Coach Cook as a Coach and Person:

                As per junior Zack Arthur: “I think the whole situation is being blown up. I don’t think coach is capable of doing the things he’s being charged with. I don’t think it is right for him to miss his eighteen-year-old’s graduation over charges he has yet to be convicted of.”

            As per former player Anthony Bragg: “As a coach he’s a great teacher probably the best to come through Westside and throughout southern West Virginia. As a person he’s a great man for starters. He’s always been there for any of his former players to just anyone to help them out. He’s funny and a great person all around.”

            As per senior Grayson Hatfield: “I’ve known Larry since I was 5 years old. Ever since then, he has treated me like his own kid. He’s been my coach for several years, and also a friend. He helps his player out, far beyond the court or the field. I’ve witnessed countless times where he would give his players rides home from practice, stay extra late waiting on a kid’s parent to pick them up, or just give them a motivational speech as a confidence boost. I know that if I ever need anything at all, he would be there for me in a heartbeat.”

            As per junior Dakota Dixon: “Larry Cook has been my coach ever since I could pick up a ball. He has been a huge role model in my life molding me and other players in the men we are today. I don’t believe I’d be the same man I am today without Coach Cook. I believe Coach should be able to attend his son’s graduation, it only happens once.”

     As per senior Sidney Lambert: "I personally think he does a fantastic job with these kids, and it shows on the field and in person."

     As per freshman Shania Lester: "I regard him highly as both a teacher and a person."

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