Wyndham’s Ovation Program (Timeshare Exit) - Why not for Canadian Resorts?

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The timeshare owners at Carriage Hills and Carriage Ridge outside Barrie Ontario Canada, are trying to get Wyndham Destinations, a powerful corporation, to notice the plight of the 1000s of people at their two timeshare resorts who have been left to drift in a sea of injustice.

Despite having paid our original purchase price in full, and having faithfully paid our annual maintenance fees, despite their rising from $500 to $1500 for each 'week interval' owned, these timeshare owners have no way to get out of the 'in perpetuity' contracts. This clause has been banned in Spain. Quebec has said that timeshares are better defined as 'right to use' businesses (like fitness clubs with cancellation provisions) instead of masking the timeshare programs as ownership in real estate that can be sold at the owners' discretion. Individual owners CAN'T sell their CH/CR timeshare 'real estate' to whoever we want (despite having been giving property deeds that came with the purchase), presumably because the contract's fineprint says that the timeshare Developer (ie, Wyndham Destinations) is a 'Tennant-in-Common' with each individual timeshare purchaser and the Developer gets veto power over any sale, and owners have been told they can't sell their timeshare to companies or to people that the developer or the BoD unilaterally deems to be a potential credit risk).

Individual timeshare owners no longer have what they were originally told would be 'country club exclusivity' because anyone now, including hockey teams, local concert go-ers, random folks off the street with no ownership pride in the property, can rent the timeshare property's studios, 1BR or 2BR suites through Expedia, Priceline, Booking(dot)com, etc at rental rates that are sometimes cheaper than the owners' comparable ownership dues). Owners no longer have the reduced rates for local skiing and golfing that were available when the timeshare was first purchased. The golf course and restaurant across the street from the resort has closed down. The pride and perks of ownership have slowly been stripped away as Wyndham takes over more and more control of the property and the program.

Wyndham has a timeshare exit program, called "Ovations", that they make available to a select few properties in the US. But someone at some point decided that this Timeshare Exit program would not be made available to us. I don't know why and owners can't get a straight answer. Owners have been told that they have to find their own buyers if they want out of their timeshare responsibility. But who wants to buy into something that has had all of its perks stripped away, only leaving behind the in-perpetuity contract handcuffs.

Wyndham, as an owner of about 1000 'week intervals', makes their inventory readily available to the public without the need to buy into the timeshare commitment. They are also paid more than $1M/yr from our maintenance fees to manage the property so this also offsets the annual maintenance fees that they have to pay for the intervals they own.
They also used their privileged status as 'Developer' and their strong voting power, to put one of their senior executives on our Home Owners Association's Board of Directors. And Wyndham is serving as the accounting department supporting our BoD.

All of this to say that for our timeshare, Wyndham is the:
...Property Manager
...HOA Board Member
...Owner of about 1000 intervals
...Chief source for rentals
...Veto-holder for resales.

If you think this situation is unfair, please help owners amplify their voices by signing this petition that describes our situation and calls for Wyndham to grant Carriage Hills and Carriage Ridge Timeshare owners rightful access to the "Timeshare Exit program" that Wyndham Destinations already professes is their way of helping their timeshare owners whose life circumstances have changed and can no longer enjoy their vacation programs.

Thx for your consideration.